TOPIC: Back In My Day …

For generations, old-timers have been giving youngsters flack for having things too easy. For example … “Back in my day, we had to walk five miles to school, uphill both ways, in the snow!”

What is your ultimate “back in my day” card that can (or should) shut any punk kid up? Suggestions ...

  • Back in my day, if you wanted to watch a movie, you had to go to the theater, wait for it to come on cable, or head to the video rental store and hope they had a copy of the tape in stock. Netflix and “on demand” didn’t exist. 
  • Back in my day, we had to use dial-up Internet over the phone -- and you couldn’t be online while someone in the house needed to make a call. 
  • Back in my day, if we wanted to go somewhere, we had to look up the directions online first, print them out, and hope we didn’t get lost. Or, use an actual map. 
  • Back in my day, you had to buy everything in actual stores. That meant spending hours dealing with crowds and lines at the mall come holiday time instead of conveniently browsing Amazon and having it all magically arrive at your doorstep. 
  • Back in my day, there was no caller ID. 
  • Back in my day, there were only four channels on TV.      Kevin in the Morning!
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