the numbers!

So, now that the leftovers are just about gone, the dishes (hopefully) all clean, and the extra chairs back in the basement, let's look at Thanksgiving by the numbers!

  • Americans spent an estimated 600 million dollars on Thanksgiving turkeys (wow...that's quite a few Butterballs)
  • Butterball actually has a hotline open during the holidays for help, I mean...turkeys are hard to make!!
  • 46 million turkeys were cooked on Thursday (I'm not sure if that counts the burnt ones).
  • If you ate a traditional Thanksgiving mean, it's likely you consumed 229 grams of fat and more than 6,000 calories.
  • Turkeys pardoned by presidents live pretty great lives afterwards, on farms. This year, President Biden pardoned two, he would have pardoned more, but he was worried his critics would claim he's soft of turkeys!

Now, on to Christmas!

Photo: Getty

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